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What you'll learn in our "Mind Spark Session" Rapid Learning Workshops:

  • Learn the most important aspects of sales prospecting... LEARN how to GET IN THE DOOR.

  • Discover where and why most salespeople fail... learn to AVOID COSTLY MISTAKES.

  • Find out the key phrases that turn boring scripts, letters, and emails, into money-making machines...learn how to COMMUNICATE LIKE A SALES SUPERSTAR.

  • When you do have to Cold Call, find out how to retain CONTROL so you GET the MEETING.

  • Learn 7 secrets to better sales meetings ... MAKE MORE MONEY and EXCEED QUOTA.


  • Master The hidden POWER that Top Salespeople use to close over 50% more* and make millions... become the BEST in your COMPANY or FIELD.

  • Learn to avoid the seven deadly cold calling errors... get QUALIFIED PROSPECT MEETINGS.

  • Get Scott's Secret Method to get mail in front of the CEO that HE PERSONALLY READS.

  • Gain simple and effective ways to KNOW a PROSPECT WILL BUY... gain tips so easy that you're sure to increase sales by implementing even a portion of this knowledge.

GAIN the POWER to GET IN THE DOOR with a COLD to GOLD 3.1TM Mind Spark Session.

Mind Spark Sessions start on TUESDAY 

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ARE YOU A Vice President of Sales in Charge of a Sales Organization?

What is the biggest challenge facing your sales team? Most senior sales executives are dealing with one of three primary problems:

  • Hyper-growth: Your company is growing so fast, it's like catching a speeding bullet!

  • Transition: Your company or team recently went through merger or other upsetting transition. Integrating team members to communicate on the same page is challenging; sales processes are inconsistent, and many salespeople may be below quota or on performance plan.

  • Performance Plan: Your company is not hitting goal or numbers, company is scrambling to find ways to get sales team to achieve objectives. Many salespeople are below plan. Layoffs are coming soon...sales management positions are at risk!

Which one of these teams are you? Utilizing the techniques taught by Scott Andrews, CEO of ARRiiVE Business Solutions and creator of Cold to Gold Mind Spark Sessions, your team can transition from losing opportunities to winning deals. Enter your name and email address to watch the Keynote Video, then click Start Now! to sign up your team - you will want to send your new salespeople or those under plan right away!

Testimonials for Cold to Gold and Scott Andrews:

"Scott Andrews is the BEST COLD CALLER I've ever seen." -- Jeremy LaDuque, CEO, ELEMENTS

"Scott's Cold to Gold methods increased our sales by 3x in just 10 months."   

                         --  Dick Boren, VP Sales at Instantis, MicroAge, and Verio

"Basically, you're learning from 'a human dynamo' of energy, knowledge, and business wisdom, when you sign up for a Mind Spark Session with Scott." -- Sue Johns, Manager, AT&T

"At the end of three full days of sales calls going from 8am til Midnight, when we HAD to have one more deal, Scott got the order that sent our team over quota! What a rush!" -- Arlie Russell, Scott's former Sales Manager at Intelogic Trace

Scott Andrews, CEO of ARRiiVE Business Solutions, Author, and Keynote Speaker, is now offering Cold to Gold as a "Mind Spark Session" Rapid Learning Workshop Webinar (on-site Mind Spark Sessions available upon special request only).

Click here to learn more about Scott Andrews and his Keynote Talks.

New Mind Spark Sessions start when you sign up! The Friday Follow-up Sessions are on a rotating schedule of 8 weeks. You can pick up the follow-up or listen to previous sessions to catch up! All Friday Follow-up Q & A sessions are available to you for up to 1 year with your membership - adding even more value to your purchase.

"Most comparable programs of this nature are selling for $10,000 and up." And, frankly, much of the information in Cold to Gold cannot be found from any other sales training system or learned in any other training course. The information in COLD to GOLD 3.1 is proven and tested in the field. The author of the program uses these exact methods in his own prospecting for business in a 30+ year Summit Club achiever career spanning high tech, travel/hospitality, nonprofit, entertainment, and information product industries. The Mind Spark Session rapid learning workshop system was developed by watching the top trainers in the world and combining the techniques of "buy-in, sharing concept, shared workshops, re-buy-in, and testing, and confirmation" to ensure participants learn the material in the most effective and efficient manner.

30-Day GUARANTEE: This program is backed by our NO-BULL, IRON-CLAD, no questions asked, 100% satisfaction (or your money back) guarantee (less any expenses).

For any questions, email sales_support@coldtogold.com or call (805) 459-6939.
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